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Diaper Choices! Starter Kit, Cloth, Bamboozle, All-In-One

Cotton Diapering Kit   

Curious about cotton diapers but not sure where to begin?
Bummis is making it easy for you...

Bummis has taken their most popular tried and true start-up kits and put them into a box for you! Their brand new COTTON DIAPERING KIT is full of soft and absorbent unbleached cotton diapers and super waterproof diaper covers. Everything you need to start using cloth diapers right away.

No pins, no plastic pants – this is a simple and easy to use system of cloth diapering, and also one of the most economical! The diapers are pre-folded - no need to learn a tricky or complicated folding method - a fold here and a fold there will make them adapt to any baby, absorbent exactly where you need them to be!

With proper care and washing you will be able to use this system for more than one baby. The user guide will make it easy for you – it shows you how to fold the diaper and how to use your diaper cover. And it will tell you how to wash them with our no-fuss method – it’s so easy!

Any questions?
The toll free number is right there on the box.


8-15 pounds:         Price USD $145.00 +tax*
36 incredibly thick and thirsty unbleached cotton pre-fold diapers and 6 Super Whisper Wraps.
Enough diapers for 3 days of diapering your new baby.
No need to wash more often! Plus a user guide and a roll of flushable liners.

15-30 pounds:        Price USD $118.00 +tax*
24 of our gorgeous unbleached pre-fold diapers with 4 Super Whisper Wraps.
Plus our user guide and a roll of flushable liners.

Start cloth diapering now!


  • 100% unbleached cotton, diaper service quality (DSQ)
  • They are your most economical diapering choice
  • These prefolds have 8 layers of cotton in the center for absorbency and 4 layers at the sides (4x8x4)
  • Use with  Snappis and Bummis, Bumkins or  Bear Ware covers

**These should be washed 3 times in hot water before use.  This allows them to quilt up and become soft & absorbent.**


   Price: INFANT ~6-15 lbs                                    
             USD $19.00 per dozen 

   Price: PREMIUM ~15-30 lbs
             USD $26.00 per dozen 

   *add shipping if applicable
This item is excluded from any free shipping offer


  • A fitted diaper that is so fantastically soft & beautiful!
  • Bamboo is a miraculous and eco-friendly fiber. It is a renewable resource with a very short growth cycle and is grown without pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Bamboo fibre absorbs 60% more than cotton and is naturally antibacterial, breathable & cool.
  •  It requires less changes, is comfortable for baby and not bulky under clothes!
  • Easy to adjust snap closures
  • Sewn in Adjustable doubler for extra absorbency
  • Two sizes ONLY will take you from premature (5lbs) right through to potty training (35 lbs)!
  • Reaches full absorbency after 10 washes although can be used after 2. Wash in hot water and dry in the dryer. Line drying will extend the life of this diaper.
  • Please note that it does take longer to dry so make sure you have enough on hand.                                                                                                                                                          

Size Lbs Price USD
1 5-18 $20.00 +tax*
2 10-35 $20.00 +tax*
 *and shipping if applicable

   ALL-IN-ONE (AIO)            

  • From Bumkins! Cloth diapering has never been easier.
  • The very best one-piece diaper available. Silky waterproof outer shell, 6 layers of absorbent flannel inside, gentle elastic, and durable Velcro tabs. Just like a disposable - only better! Designed with an airflow panel to ensure thorough laundering and quick drying.

NEW Dr. Seuss prints! Cat in The Hat and One Fish, Two Fish

       Cat in the Hat                On the Go Cars         
Call for other available prints such as:On the Farm, Funny Animals,Puppies & Cows over the Moon

Small:    6-12 lbs          USD $19.95 +tax*             
Medium:12-22 lbs         USD $19.95 +tax*
Large:    22-32 lbs         USD $19.95 +tax*
XLarge:  32+ lbs            USD $20.95 +tax*       
WHITE  S, M & L USD $18.95 +tax*     XL USD $19.95 +tax*
*and shipping if applicable

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